I think I might be going off Peter Kavinsky Noah Centineo. It’s my lifelong fickleness, makes it hard for me to maintain a celebrity crush. And I have a theory about the Noah Centineo types that I’ll share with you tomorrow because I’m trying to acquire some new shots of him. Anyway, this post is not about Noah Centineo who I’m starting to not care about because of my attention span. This post is about Shawn Mendes who reminded me last night that he has better hair than Noah. Watch if you haven’t already. If you have, you can meet me below. Or watch again, nobody is judging you here. 

He is SO cute, right? So cute. 

Shawn was nominated for two AMAs last night, winning one, his first ever AMA. And I found it amusing, the category that he won for: Adult Contemporary Artist. He was up against Pink and Ed Sheeran. He’s the youngest on that list – in the ADULT Contemporary Artist category. Not that he isn’t an adult because he is, he’s 20 now. But this is also my point. That he’s officially an adult and artistically being presented as an adult – which, of course, has been one of his professional goals, something he and his management team have certainly been working on: to retain the young fans who propelled him to stardom from the MAGCON days and to broaden his appeal to an older demographic. That’s been the work of 2018. And, for the most part, it’s been convincing, helped by the fact, of course, that the music and musicianship is there (the "Lost in Japan" remix sounded solid last night). As we’ve been saying through 2018, when there’s Shawn Mendes, why is Justin Timberlake? Does anyone know any of the words to any songs off the album that Justin Timberlake released this year? I can’t even remember the name of one of those songs. 

The first round of Grammys voting starts next week, ahead of the nomination announcements on December 5. Before the release of Man of the Woods, it was almost a guarantee that JT would be a factor. Then the album came out and… nobody cared. I wonder then how he’s going to pop’n’ lock, and scam his way to the Grammys this time.