It’s been, what?, a week since Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello sucked each other’s tongues on Instagram. And slightly longer than that since they’ve been papped while falling in love with other. Which, I know, is not easily paparazzi-able, and yet, Shawn and Camila have been showing it to us all summer. 

After a couple of months on tour, Shawn’s on a break for the next few weeks until he goes overseas and he and Camila were in LA yesterday going grocery shopping and out for coffee and they also made a stop at a costume store and they don’t seem bothered that there are photographers joining them on their romantic day trip which, of course, only adds to the speculation that this might not be a legit relationship although, as I’ve been saying, that doesn’t seem to bother them either. 

Real or fake, this is how it often looks at the beginning, in the early days. Nothing on the outside is annoying when it’s going well on the inside. Eventually though, especially where young Hollywood love is concerned, it’s not all warm weather and sunshine. What’s going to happen then? If you’re one of the people who thinks this is a fraud, your answer to that is that it’s already been scripted. 

If it has been scripted, are you going for a turbulent end or a slow fizzle? If it’s not scripted, the next challenge for these two is when the tour resumes and, should Camila not be able to join Shawn around the world, how they deal with the distance. Tour life is really, really hard – even harder when you’re missing someone. That’s when all the insecurities and the self-doubts set in. That’s when the silly, stupid fights begin. Those are the fights that can put little cracks into a relationship. If you can get past them, though, it’s so worth it.