It was confirmed last week, a week after the release of “Señorita”, her new song with Shawn Mendes, that Camila Cabello and Matthew Hussey had ended their year-long relationship, opening the door to a possible situation between Camila and Shawn, who happen to have allllll kinds of sexual chemistry in the “Señorita” video. Well. 

They were papped this week holding hands in LA – click here to see the photos. Apparently they were headed back to his place…for a sleepover? Shawn and Camila were also at a Fourth of July party together and they looked TOGETHER:

So…this is for real, right? The teenager inside of me wants it to be for real. So bad! But… there is skepticism. Some are wondering if those pap shots of Shawn and Camila holding hands going back to his place are staged. And as for the videos of them hanging out at that party, they were posted to Sylvie Stile Konner’s IG stories. She works at his management company. So if someone in his circle is putting up footage of Shawn and Camila that’s fueling these rumours… can we take the rumours seriously? 

There are three reads to this. Either it’s a PR move that’s playing into the speculation in service of promoting “Señorita” and Shawn and Camila aren’t legit at all, or they are legit AND are using that to promote the single or … they’re legit but they’re not intentionally using their relationship to sell the single, this is all just happening accidentally. I wish I could vote would for door #2 but past Hollywood shenanigans have, understandably, made us all cynical and skeptical. Curious to see how this progresses as we get deeper into the summer and closer to the MTV VMAs. Will there be a performance? Will they take whatever it is between them on stage? And will they be convincing? 

Also attached - Shawn at a party last night in Malibu.