I woke up this morning and #Shawn was trending on Twitter. Same goes for #Camila. They’re still trending. My first thought was that, oh sh-t, they broke up? Sex tape? Neither. It’s about what Shawn Mendes posted on Instagram:


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I started writing this at 6am at my dinner table. There were 8 million views at that point. I’ve had to step away a few times and get to work so now, just after 9am, it’s up to 11 million. So …yeah…people have feelings. Some of those feelings are disgust, nausea, and, of course skepticism. Let’s start with the nausea. 

They did this because, as they said, they know what people are saying about them. Shawn and Camila have been blue-ballsing their kiss, from the VMAs to his concert here in Toronto last Friday. When they are seen kissing out in the world and recorded by fans, some have said that their technique is sh-t. So this was a deliberate gross-out, a joke. As jokes go, I don’t hate it. I mean it’s not sexy, but I don’t hate that they’re addressing the noise. Because you know why? I’d rather them address it and have this be like an acknowledgement that they are, indeed, together than the sh-t that other celebrities pull, running for the nearest dumpster in order to avoid being seen with whoever it is they’re dating. 

Right, Lainey, but is it to the extreme? 

Well, let’s get to the skepticism now. There are many people who think this is a fauxmance. Camila just dropped a new video for “Liar”. So, you now, the timing of this kiss video is… for some… suspect. But layers upon layers upon layers, you know? Because these two know what people are saying on social media. They just admitted to knowing what people are saying about their kissing on Twitter. It’s part of being a celebrity of their generation (before they quit social media and come back in a week/two weeks/a month/six months) – they and their teams are paying attention to the chatter; Taylor Swift, for example, is out here checking Tumblr and liking posts and theories, so all of them know their own gossip and either fuel that gossip or create new gossip to divert from the gossip they don’t want us to be gossiping about. This is what every celebrity since the dawn of Hollywood has done, nothing new. The tools are new though. And, clearly, Shawn and Camila are employing them. 

So…if they know that you, or some of you, think they’re fake and they’re doing all of this anyway, are they fake or are they not fake?