Exes Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were spotted in Miami yesterday for the first time since their break-up. They were strolling through a park with their shared dog Tarzan, and to me, this just seems like a good co-parenting moment. 


They both look pretty casual, and obviously don’t seem afraid to be photographed since they were freely walking around. I personally don’t see any romantic vibes in these photos. Call me over-analytical, but their body language screams, “besties walking their dog together”. There’s no doubt that there were probably feelings of awkwardness, sadness, and anxiousness going into this—especially if this is actually the first time they have seen each other since their split in November. But by the looks of it, they seemed comfortable and content, as if they were genuinely trying to get used to this new season of their relationship. I see this as their way of saying they were being legit in their break up statement when it said, “we started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends.” 

We’ve seen plenty of celebrities claim that they will continue to be best friends and then never be seen out together again, and for the most part, that’s just a normal human thing most people do when they try to say there were no hard feelings in the breakup. Anything is a possibility, and I wouldn’t be completely surprised if in a few months or so they’re back on. However, they just don’t give off any messy break-up/make-up vibes, and seem to be taking this time of singleness to focus on themselves. 


Shawn had his public moment of closure with his HEARTBREAKING song, “It’ll Be Okay”, which is about finding peace with the end of a relationship by accepting there will always be love for the other person as they move on. Totally obvious that it was about the breakup with Camila, and although he didn’t do major press or a music video for it, it’s doing pretty well. There’s even a TikTok trend with the song that is still going around. Bottom line is, Shawn has had his closure moment, and is now spending time with friends during his new single era.

Just hours before meeting up with Camila, he was spotted on the beach with some friends, and if I’m keeping it real, he looks REALLY good (Sarah: he almost looks like a full-grown adult). On December 30th, he posted a video on Instagram talking about having a hard time on social media, so it’s nice to see him out and about smiling with some friends on the beach. 

As for Camila, she seems to have been keeping things classy as well. There are reports that say Camila heard Shawn’s song before it was released and was super supportive of it.

Cheers to Camila and Shawn’s wholesome relationship (and for being such great co-parents to their cute doggy Tarzan).