Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were spotted arriving at a music video shoot yesterday in LA. Shawn’s back to his signature hair style after cutting that quarantine mane last month and Camila’s in super casual in ripped denim overalls (I can’t wait for overalls season to start) and a Friends tee. The couple were COVID tested together before heading inside a private house for the shoot. But what are they shooting? And are we getting a Señorita for summer 2021?


Shawn and Camila are seen arriving with Connor Brashier, Shawn’s videographer/photographer/friend, which suggests Shawn’s team is running this shoot. Connor also happens to have provided background vocals on “Teach Me How to Love,” the rumoured next single from Shawn’s latest album, Wonder. Shawn and Connor were also spotted together at a COVID testing facility last week. However there is a rumour (albeit, a weak rumour) that Shawn’s going to release a Teach Me How to Love remix featuring Camila Cabello. I don’t want another duet from them right now. I don’t even think Shawmila fans want that. We need a little bit more distance from Señorita before we venture down that road once again. 

We can almost certainly rule out that they’re not on set for a Camila solo project. According to her, she’s been writing music (and cooking) a lot lately but she’s also starring in the live-action Cinderella film, which was originally slated for release last month. Filming paused for six months during the pandemic and the release date is currently set for July, but we still don’t have a trailer. Camila’s not going to start her next musical era before her acting debut even if the original timeline has shifted. Plus, she’ll likely have a contribution to the soundtrack that she’ll want to shine on its own. 


So, why are Shawn and Camila on set together if they’re not working together? Well it may just be that she doesn’t want to be home alone or Shawn doesn’t want her alone after their home was broken into last week. According to TMZ,  the suspects broke in through a window but quickly left when they realized the couple was home. They did manage to swipe Shawn keys on the way out and took off in his G-Wagon. That’s some scary sh-t. I wouldn’t want to be home alone after that either. From the sighting, it looks like they even brought their dog, Tarzan to set. So they’re keeping the family unit together.