Joy Ride’s Sherry Cola reflects on starring in the film, and what it means for APIA representation in Hollywood. (Popsugar)


Olivia Rodrigo covers Vogue for the first time. I love that navy bow top. (Go Fug Yourself)

Jeremy Allen White isn’t actually a chef, so his opinions on deep dish pizza don’t count. Also, if you’re describing deep dish as “doughy”, you’ve got a bad deep dish. If it’s of the cornbread crust variety, it should be flaky, if it’s regular pizza dough, the crust should have a nice crisp. But really, if we’re talking deep dish, the real deal is Pequod’s Pizza, a local Chicago institution (a real one, not a fake one like The Beef). If people ask me for the best deep dish in town, I send them to Pequod’s. They use a rising dough in a deep pan, so they get a nice, stacked slice with a crispy crust. Damn, now I’m hungry. (Celebitchy)


I try really hard not to know anything about Youtuber drama, but Colleen Ballinger, aka Miranda Sings, has been involved in a slowly escalating conflagration for weeks now. It started with allegations that Ballinger acted inappropriately toward minors, and I regret to inform you that now blackface is involved. (Pajiba)

I also try really hard not to know anything about reality people drama, but Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann called off their divorce. I would LOVE to know why. Did they rediscover their love for one another? Or did the financial reality of divorcing prove too grim to carry on? Back when I worked for a lawyer, I saw more than one high net worth couple decide to stick it out rather than go through asset separation. (Page Six)