Justin Timberlake, the Man Of The Woods, is calling us stupid for assuming that he’d put out a country album because of the title of his album. Apparently Man Of The Woods is inspired by his kid’s name. So we’re all dumdums for jumping to that conclusion. Because it wouldn’t have had anything to do with the fact that his promotional video for the album featured him with horses and dancing through the nature and walking by the fire, would it?! No. OK then. I guess Justin Timberlake is just too clever for us. (Dlisted) 

It’s one of Hollywood’s biggest mysteries. And, for many, many years, it was a mystery that people were OK with not solving. Perhaps they were too afraid of what the answer(s) might be. Too dark. Too sinister. An accident is much easier on the mind. Which was the original explanation, even though eyebrows have been raised about this for so long. How did Natalie Wood die? And why? They’ve reopened the investigation. And now they’re putting some heat on Robert Wagner. Will we ever know though? After all this time? It’s been such a long time. (Cele|bitchy) 

The bomber jacket was a trend. It’s no longer a trend, it’s a staple. This makes me very happy, because every season there are new bombers, funky bombers, bright bombers, neutral bombers, fresh prints on bombers, and, yes, sparkly bombers. I will always be partial to a bomber, no matter the fabric, no matter the sequin level, with a stripe at the collar and at the cuff. You have to respect the original spirit. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Are we shipping Saoirse Ronan and Timothee Chalamet? I’ve gotten a few emails and tweets about it. They’re on the award show circuit together. They were in Lady Bird together. Do we want them to be together in real life? Or… like… is it too obvious? I feel like it might be too obvious. Am I killing your vibe? (Pop Sugar) 

I’m actually surprised that more streakers don’t show up at golf tournaments. It’s pretty open. You’re walking up and down along the fairways, very few, if any, barricades to hold you back. And there’s SOOOO much grass. There’s so much room to sprint and split and strip and streak. Here’s where Sarah says something about golf and how boring it is and that’s why there aren’t that many streakers. How is watching golf any more boring than watching baseball? No shade, baseball. I watch baseball and I watch golf. And you don’t need a streaker to make either interesting. Oh and PS, because I do this every time I write about golf, never, ever Phil Mickelson. (TMZ) 

Do you believe in bone broth? Is bone broth an over-promise? I’m glad this question is being asked, even though I’ve been having bone broth my entire life and ma delivers it to me twice a week. Because it’s kinda been, like, goop-ified, right? Here’s the thing – Chinese bone broth is part of a meal. It usually starts our meals. And it’s more than just bones in broth. There are seeds and roots and dried things from the sea and other amazing and healthy ingredients added. It’s not broth. It’s SOUP. Really, really healthy soup. And some combinations are good for your lungs and others are good for your kidneys and we’ve been doing this for thousands of years but if you told an older Chinese person that it’s being sold for what it’s being sold for at health food places, they’d be like…why? It should come for free when you go to dinner at a restaurant. (The Ringer)