It’s been a low-key year for Mark Wahlberg – this is our first post about him in 2019! Mark hasn’t had a movie release since 2018’s Instant Family. That will change in 2020. It was announced last month that he will co-star with Tom Holland in the film adaptation of the video game Uncharted. Tom will play the lead “Drake” and Mark will be his mentor, “Sully”. Very curious about their chemistry. Tom Holland is a likeable guy, he’s developed great relationships with so many of his older, big brother/uncle co-stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, the Avengers cast, RDJ included, obviously. Will it be the same with Marky Mark? Or is Marky Mark too cool for that bromance sh-t? 

Mark will also be in Good Joe Bell due out in 2020. The screenplay was written by Larry McMurty and Diana Ossana and if those names sound familiar it’s because you probably know them from Brokeback Mountain. Interesting connection, or missed connection, here as Mark turned down Brokeback after he “got a little creeped out” when he read the screenplay. Basically he didn’t want to play gay. But, you know, that was over 15 years ago. So maybe Marky Mark isn’t homophobic anymore. People change. He totally seems like the type who’d be open to change, non? No longer racist, no longer homophobic? 

Good Joe Bell is about a man who walks across America with his son. Sounds like Mark’s brand of wholesome. And it sounds like the kind of film that would be primed for festival season and a possible awards run. 

Here’s Mark in Barbados where he’s been spending the holiday season for the last few years with Rhea Durham and their children. He and his body have never done it for me. This, I know, is a minority opinion. Please enjoy this 2019 Wahlberg parting gift.