Shonda Rhimes covers Variety and OH, WOW, she looks amazing in this dress, I love it so much. She is the highest paid showrunner in Hollywood. You got that? That’s her title. And, well, when you have that title, you are BUSY. Shonda is busy with so much – and she’ll be adding virtual reality to that schedule in the future. I haven’t done much VR-ing but if this means that I can put on a headset and escape to a beach with whatever hunk she’s about to discover next on one of her shows…I’m in. All in. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Chris Noth was apparently supposed to be in the finale of And Just Like That but they’ve now reportedly disappeared him from the episode. For obvious reasons. But narratively I’m wondering if that might actually be a better story choice because, well, what would it be – like a dream sequence? A haunting?! (Dlisted) 

It’s 2022 and some people still have a problem with women in sports – playing sports, reporting on sports, all of it. I have colleagues in sports broadcasting, in both Canada and the US, and Mina Kimes’s experience is the reality for most female sports reporters. It doesn’t hold them back from killing it at their jobs, but it’s an added challenge that their male counterparts do not have to deal with. (Cele|bitchy) 

This is amazing. It’s Sesame Street, that’s why. Only Sesame Street can find the delicate balance between maintaining wholesomeness but also finding an edge. Have you heard about the Sesame Street beef? Yes. There’s beef on Sesame Street…and Elmo is involved. It’s hilarious, it’s adorable, and it’s so, SO clever. (Pajiba) 

Should I get an eyelash curler? I don’t have any eyelash game – pretty much no bottom lashes and my top lashes are straight and fine and sparse. Will it make a difference? (The Cut)