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Why are we talking about the next Bond when Daniel Craig hasn’t even started shooting his final Bond? There are a lot of people who want to be Bond. Yes, Tom Hiddleston, I’m talking to you. Yesterday my colleague Cynthia suggested Matt Smith who just played Prince Philip in The Crown. Good idea or bad idea? Can’t be a worse idea than Harry Styles, right? Not that I’m not into Harry Styles. But I need to believe that this character can fight and f-ck. Harry has the f-cking part down, I’m sure. The fighting though? Harry Styles in real life doesn’t fight. Because he probably f-cks too good. (Dlisted) 

Mudbound received a few Oscar nominations today, including one for Dee Rees for Best Adapted Screenplay for Mudbound, the first ever nomination for a black woman in that category. Which is awesome. But I wish Mudbound could have been included for Best Picture. The Academy is getting closer to getting over its Netflix issue…but not yet. And Star Wars is no closer to getting over its female director issue. Carey Mulligan is right – if Dee Rees were a white man, with all the success she’s had at Sundance, she’d be directing Star Wars. And the Star Wars men’s rights advocates would have even more to be upset about. They still haven’t gotten over Rey and Vice Admiral Holdo and my beloved Rose Tico. (Cele|bitchy) 

Kathleen saw this Timothee Chalamet moment after the SAGs and texted me yesterday all like, do I have to stan him now? So first Sasha tries to jack my crush and now Kathleen. I’m pretty sure she killed at least an hour googling him. She’s finally seeing Call Me By Your Name tonight. Her Timmy Chalamet problem is about to get a lot, lot worse. (Pop Sugar) 

Do you have an apocalypse plan? My apocalypse plan is to get to my friend Mel’s. Because she has a bunker. And it’s fully stocked. And she’s generous about who she’s letting in. I’m definitely on the list, she says. The problem with this is that, in the event of an apocalypse, how would I get there? The bunker is an hour or so away from my place by car. Will cars still be working? Will the highways be intact? It would take me at least a day to walk there. Maybe more. And since I don’t have any apocalypse provisions of my own, I’d probably freeze or overheat or dehydrate before I got there. I do not deserve to survive the apocalypse. (Pajiba) 

Amber Heard and Elon Musk went for sushi and held hands. So they’re for sure, for sure back together. Even though they might have denied being back together. They were totally broken up a while ago though. That was when he gave that sad face interview about being lonely – which is probably why he’s not lonely anymore? Wait, am I talking about Amber and Elon or Justin and Selena? Where ARE Justin and Selena? It’s been very quiet… (TMZ) 

OMG OMG OMG this article on Spice World 20 years later…and how it’s weirdly relevant! (Vulture)