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My friend Melissa often says that “there’s a lid for every pot”. If you’re a fourth tier Aussie playboy looking to climb to the third tier, the lid to your pot is most definitely a fourth tier former It Girl. They’re perfect for each other. I see a future. (Dlisted) 

Look. I get it. Typos happen. But should there be equality in typos? Should EVERYONE be allowed to commit one? I feel like… almost everyone. But not everyone. From certain people, certain offices, they’re inexcusable. And if anyone had any money, every country would have an Anti-Typo Administration. (Pajiba) 

Many of you have written today about this. I read about Tom Hardy yesterday. That is, actually, I skimmed about it yesterday. No. That’s not entirely true either. I picked out a few words, and then I closed the page altogether. Having been through it myself, it’s just too hard. (Just Jared) 

I don’t hate this outfit on Selena Gomez. The top is great. The pants are good, and they’d be even better if they were actually gym pants, like for running. But I can’t get behind the belt. The belt is what’s making this look like a valet at Versailles, from the time before the revolution. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jon Hamm gets into his feelings about being single. I’m actually surprised he’s still single – although he and Kate Beckinsale might be a possibility, maybe? For the record, since I didn’t get to comment on this last week, I think they’re an excellent idea and I fully support it. But if it’s true, and they do get together, will he be as candid about being with her as he is about being with nobody? (Cele|bitchy)

I need to think more this weekend about whether or not manspreading should be declared illegal. Like, it is indeed annoying and intrusive, but should it be legislated? Again, I’m not sure. And I need to sit (ha!) with it a while longer. But also… when someone is manspreading into your space, is it OK to start shaming him in front of all the other passengers? I fantasise about that. Seriously, I daydream about being on the subway and there’s a manspreader all up in my seat and I’ve actually scripted what I would say, and how loudly I would say it. And I feel like I need that to happen before it’s outlawed, just so that I can have that moment of satisfaction.(Jezebel) 


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