On this episode of Show Your Work, now that The Last Dance has concluded, Duana and I unpack all the work that went into those Chicago Bulls championships and the work that did – or didn’t – go into this docuseries. No doubt it was entertaining. And it was definitely super gossipy. But that’s just it, isn’t it? 

Sports stories are taken more seriously than other pop culture and entertainment stories …but they’re still GOSSIP. Especially this story. The whole f-cking thing, all ten episodes, were gossip! It was ten hours of he said, he said. And it was also…a rom-com, also a storytelling genre that’s never given the credit. 


In this discussion, we relate Michael Jordan and the Bulls to Anna Wintour and Vogue, the fashion industry, and we break down what good leadership looks like, and whether or not MJ’s form of leadership is the model we’re supposed to believe it is. 

Then we get into John Krasinski and Some Good News. He sold it to ViacomCBS and there’s been backlash about the decision with fans saying that he’s compromised the spirit of the show. Was this good work? 

Well, we can tell you that it’s not new work. John Krasinski has done this before with Lip Sync Battle. He has created content that was initially “free” and then gone on to build it into something bigger – so you might say that this has always been the work. And while some of the complaints about this business move are valid, they may also be naïve, and Duana and I may have a different perspective on the situation. Let us know what you think after you’ve listened. 

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