There’s nothing cute about Charlize Theron in these two oufits in Berlin to promote Atomic Blonde. But that doesn’t mean she’s not wearing the sh-t out of these two outfits. I don’t love a red dress, normally. This red dress, however, the way it’s loose around the waist, and the wide lapels, and even the tiered ruffles that make up the very short skirt, is amazing. As is the zippered skirt she wore with a simple, boxy striped shirt.

Tall Is Not Cute is a post that Duana wrote in 2011 that was pegged, at the time, to Blake Lively and written from the perspective of Duana, who is tall herself. And that was our takeoff point on this week’s episode of Show Your Work, starting with Charlize Theron, action star. She covered Variety last week and the entire article is about the work that went into becoming Atomic Blonde – which includes overcoming cute, and a few missing teeth, and the time she “f-cked it all up”. Along the way, Keanu Reeves makes an appearance. Because of this:


During her interview with Variety, Charlize talks about pay equality in Hollywood and how she negotiated equal pay with Chris Hemsworth on The Huntsman: Winter’s War. A few days ago, Vulture assembled several culture critics to discuss whether or not “actors’ contract negotiations should be made public like athletes”. Could this work in Hollywood? And beyond Hollywood, in the private sector, of whatever industry, would revealing salaries help to close the gender pay gap?

Speaking of equality… how many female showrunners could get away with the kind of emails that Frank Darabont wrote while he was showrunning The Walking Dead? Have you read them yet? If not, your day is now made – click here. My favourite is when he goes off about commas. COMMAS! Commas sent him into a tyrannical rage! Duana and I take turns performing dramatic readings of Frank’s hissy fits but we also discuss what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in the workplace – and why that line is different for some.

Finally… do we need to care about 36 Questions, the musical? The PODCAST musical? The concept is based on Mandy Len Catron’s 2015 essay in the New York Times about how you can fall in love with anyone by asking them a series of 36 questions. How will this be effective as a podcast? Will it though? And what does Beyoncé have to do with it?

Thanks as always for your emails and tweets about work. We’ve been reading a few of them every week. All of your work stories inform the discussion –so please keep sending them!

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