On this episode of Show Your Work, Duana begins with a question: does Beyoncé have a “quarantine voice” – and this kicked off a disagreement. Because while Duana thinks that Beyoncé is “just like us” (first of all, how DARE you?) and is going to Target behind a mask FOR THE HUMAN INTERACTION (as if!), I’m all like, our Queen maintains a lockdown mentality even when there’s not a pandemic, whyyyyy would she be out here using a fake voice while shopping for toilet paper, just to walk among mortals for sh-ts and giggles? Please weigh in.  


And then it’s time for Gal Gadot. She covers the new issue of Vogue ahead of the release of Wonder Woman and… well…  

As it’s suggested in the piece, even though Gal is Wonder Woman, and Wonder Woman is a big deal, she’s not yet a household name. Which seems to work for her and yet, in order for there to be an audience to show up for Gal Gadot when she’s NOT playing Wonder Woman, there has to be an interest in Gal Gadot when she’s not playing Wonder Woman. This is, presumably, what the cover story is trying to achieve. Does it? And if not, how can she show her work beyond this character?  


After we debate whether or not we find Gal Gadot compelling, Duana and I finally agree on someone: Jaboukie Young-White. And the inimitable Hunter Harris who interviewed him for Vulture because, well, Jaboukie is showing his work by being that kid who gets called to the principal’s office – on Twitter, like all the time. Jaboukie’s social media pranks are getting him suspended from the platform but also building him a fanbase. How does someone with this kind of ingenuity and irreverence sustain the momentum? How much longer can he continue being a punk?  

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