Our podcast is always fun to record and often we’re having a celebratory beverage as we record – but this week we were recording moments (well… several moments) before running out the door to see Girls Trip. The movie had the best live-action comedy opening of the year, it was (spoiler) funnier than the trailer made it out to be, and it is the definitive launch of Tiffany Haddish’s career, which excites us a lot.

We’re also excited over the news of Mindy Kaling’s pregnancy, because we’re human people in the world.  But the pregnancy announcement felt kind of strange to me.  We discuss why it’s different than most, and dive into a little of exactly how weird Hollywood – and the rest of the world – is about pregnant women At Work.

Men in Hollywood tend to worry about other things, however. And if you’re one of the biggest stars on earth, then one of your biggest risks is exactly where you make your next picture. Will Smith boldly chose Netflix, and we talked about how that’s both a power move and a risk he hopes will pay off, big time.

Then, partly spurred by one of your emails, it was time to talk about the glory of ‘Tante Céline” – or Céline Dion, to you.  We discuss the unmitigated glory of her 'Phase 2' and get, um… specific… about what she might be up to.

Finally, if you did your homework, you definitely feel like we do: you definitely need to care about The Bold Type – luckily, this is easy to achieve – not least because it’s all about WORK!   

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