Prince Harry and Meghan Markle kicked off their first overseas tour when we recorded the first episode of this season of Show Your Work so we gave them a checklist. It’s time to grade their performance. Did they hit the specific targets that we set for them? And about that Sussex PDA…

In a piece for Maclean’s published last week, Patricia Treble wondered whether or not the signature Sussex handholding and more “could be a bad thing” as certain royal watchers suggest that their constant clutching of each other is “unprofessional”. Is it? Duana and I discuss the celebrity of Harry and Royal Meghan and if they should be celebrities in the first place.

Also… Duana may have stumbled onto a royal conspiracy and possible crime and it has to do with that banana bread. 

But first, the Hollywood pitch. Every day in Hollywood, people are pitching ideas. Sometimes informally, at cocktail parties and on red carpets, but there is a formal process too. What is the work that goes into pitching in Hollywood and what’s the difference when your project involves Julia Roberts – or not? Pitching happens in all industries. We get into the best practices of pitching and talk about why we all need to pitch more and pitch better. 

Finally, today is midterm election day in the United States. What happens today could affect many Hollywood productions. As she told Vulture, Alyssa Milano’s work may depend on the outcome of the gubernatorial race in Georgia. What impact will this have on the industry… or will there even be an impact? 

If you’re American, you’re going to listen on your way to vote, right? Or you’ve already voted and that’s why you’re listening? 

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