What else were we going to talk about on this week’s episode? And this is also why we’ve done a quick edit, recording last night and turning it around to upload earlier than we normally do. 

I’ve been posting about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah, aka the Television Event of the Year, all week and again twice today, and there will probably be more through the week if the story changes. We’ve been saving the Oprah discussion, though, for the podcast. Because it’s unanimous at this point, right? She came though, and she followed up, and she showed the sh-t out of her work. And she was particularly well suited for this work. 


So for our work, Duana and I get into the producing of the Oprah special with Harry and Meghan and the production of the show – which is two different things; this, then, is a discussion about how Oprah and her team prepared, what they prepared, the producing decisions that went into the event, and then the production elements that were involved. 

And also, what Oprah-isms made all the difference in this interview? The small details in her delivery, her movements, that delivered the results that have made this such a major event? Oprah did a deep dive on Harry, Meghan, and the British royals, but we’re doing a deep dive on Oprah here, and what specifically she added to the interview to make it what it was. And whether or not that opened the door for Harry to come in as the closer. 


After that, we get into the British royal family’s dilemma; not that they would ever admit to needing one, but if we were to take on the job as their crisis management, we have some recommendations. 

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