We are back at work on Show Your Work and on this new episode, we’re talking about a new job on Hollywood sets. But first, there’s this Instagram post from the set of Riverdale: 


I mean, I think we should all know by now that mouthwash doesn’t kill COVID-19 but the point here is that there are all kinds of new protocols, at every workplace, but in Hollywood in particular, a new job has been created: the COVID Compliance Officer. As Vulture notes in a new piece about this addition to the workspace on film and television productions, there’s really no standardisation for how this job is being performed. Another article in The Hollywood Reporter similarly addresses concerns from crew and talent about the lack of consistency. 

Duana and I discuss what the job requires and who is best suited for it. Should it be added to the job description of someone who is already involved in production? Or should it be an outside hire? Has your workplace added COVID Compliance staff? Would you want to be the CCO? 


Then, Chris Rock is the first guest host of the new season of Saturday Night Live to promote his season of Fargo. There’s a lot about Chris that’s new right now – that he has discovered about himself and that he’s sharing with us now in The Hollywood Reporter. Why? Because it’s part of the work. We’ve known Chris Rock for a long time but for the first time, he’s really getting comfortable with the fact that he’s a power player in the industry. Perhaps by trying to turn what has been a detriment into a super power. 

Also… his abs! 

Here are some new shots of Chris from earlier this week in New York, having dinner with Carmen Ejogo. He’s single now. She’s single too. New couple alert?