The best read of the week, and what will be one of the best reads of the year, was Ellen Pompeo’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter. If you haven’t already, and you intend to listen to this episode of Show Your Work, please read it because this interview is everything we’ve been discussing on Show Your Work. Not only that, this interview IS the Hollywood ecosystem. 

She does it all. She brings the gossip, in context, about the past scandals on Grey’s Anatomy, about on-set culture, about the bad behaviour that goes down on set that sometimes may or may not lead to the departure of the show’s resident (no pun intended) heartthrob. 

And then after the gossip, she gets to the money. I posted in the open today about transparency and how women in Hollywood are now sharing sensitive information in the hope of moving forward together. That’s Ellen Pompeo. Like a f-cking boss. For a long time, it was considered inelegant to talk about money, especially women talking about money. For a long time, that’s maybe how women were kept from the money. Ellen Pompeo says f-ck that. 

So much of what she does here in this interview is about leadership. It’s a model for effective modern leadership that, arguably, is based on loyalty. In this podcast, Duana and I find real world applications to this leadership philosophies, and we include a few of your emails along the way. It was exhilarating to read the Ellen Pompeo manifesto and to analyse the Ellen Pompeo Manifesto. We hope you enjoy this all Ellen Pompeo episode of Show Your Work. Should she be our Patron Saint? 

Here’s the old interview that Ellen gave (I said it was on Ellen DeGeneres but it turns out it was with EW) that I reference on the show.

Thanks so much for all your emails and tweets about this, encouraging us to put this on the podcast! Keep sending us your notes and thoughts and everything! And keep working hard!

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