As promised, Duana and I have been trying to produce more “bonus” episodes of our Show Your Work podcast each week while we’re all on lockdown. We’re still recording on FaceTime though and even though we’ve tried to fix the audio issues in post, there may be some moments that are wonky and we apologise in advance. Please let us know if there are any major problems that have to be addressed. And thank you for making us part of your social distancing routines!

On this episode, we get to Vanity Fair’s Reese Witherspoon cover story and interview appropriated titled “The Book of Reese”. As we’ve seen over the last few years, she’s become a major Hollywood power player, acquiring and adapting books to film and television, and primarily highlighting works by women. Little Fires Everywhere is her latest project, in collaboration with Kerry Washington. 

So while none of this is new, this interview is the most insight we’ve gotten into the work that went into building this empire – and it was there from the very beginning, as in high school, which means that she, like so many female entrepreneurs, took a lifelong interest and turned it into a business. Of course there are many things Reese is good at but there are also things she can’t do, and this too is part of the work: recognising limitations in herself and seeing those skills in others. Sometimes being “Type A” is to acknowledge the “Type A” in others. The Reese Witherspoon of 2020 is not the Reese Witherspoon of 2000 and that growth, both personal and professional, comes out in this piece too. 

From there, we get into the pop culture that we’ve been consuming during isolation – books, television, music, we’re sharing with you and we hope you share with us! 

We’re recording a new episode today and we’re working to get it up on Wednesday and our goal is to do two a week as long as we need to so if you have anything you’d like us to deep dive and unpack, let us know on Twitter or via email or Instagram. Stay safe!