You guys. We have been so excited to share this episode with you, and it’s only the first of two delicious, long, fast-as-hell-paced deep-dive conversations with the incredible Joe Zee.

Part of the reason we started Show Your Work is because, especially (but not only) in show business, people tend to imply everything is easy, or that it all comes together seamlessly when everyone loves a project, or that having talent and skills in place means it all goes smoothly… 

This Is Not That. 

Joe Zee is candid and hilarious as he tells us all about how creating and producing 7 Days Out was one of the biggest creative swings of his career. He explains how the idea came to be, why it branches far beyond his fashion and pop culture roots – and why the most important people onscreen, in his mind, are the least well-known. We explore the concept of ‘secret rock stars’ and why they’re essential to great storytelling. 

Plus, we get into the mindset of someone whose best friend is, and always has been, work. You can almost hear Lainey squeal when he expresses an unpopular opinion about ‘work-life balance’, and discusses how decades in fashion and television have created a foolproof system for finding your people, one he hopes everyone can adopt. 

Probably my favourite conversations are about the truths of working on lots of things at once – that you have to have nine irons in the fire (is that a golf expression?) and why, when your coworkers are your family, dealing with endings is the hardest part – and one he’s still figuring out. Not to mention a deep dive into the F-word: Failure. Why it’s inevitable no matter how successful you are – and how seeing it as a constant is actually the key to moving forward. 

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