On this week’s Show Your Work, it may not surprise you to know that the showrunners of Game Of Thrones made a mess… again. And worse, they’re… kind of not that sorry, or at least, they weren’t before this week started. Now, however…

Last Friday, at the Austin Film Festival, the two participated in a panel that included questions about the final season of GOT but also included questions about the entire series run.  But when Twitter user @ForArya started to livetweet the conversation it became apparent that they were not only not sorry, but also lackadaisical and also failed upwards at HBO. We dig into some of their more egregious confessions, including turning in a pilot that was WAY TOO SHORT, so HBO had to send them back out to shoot more! Are we really treating these bajillionaire showrunners like tweens who need to do a better job on their homework? 

But on Monday it was announced that Benioff and Weiss were ‘too busy’ to focus on the planned Star Wars trilogy they were working on, ostensibly because they have a 9-figure Netflix deal that’s taking up their time. If that smells funky to you… you’re not the only one. So, do you think this was a coincidental announcement, or strategic? And, given yesterday’s announcement that one of the GOT prequels is not going ahead at HBO, have these two damaged the brand? 

Next we move on to Selena Gomez, whose newest song (and admittedly gorgeous video) have her back in the forefront – but we realize we don’t know what Selena’s about, or what she’s doing all this for. That’s not that unusual where celebs are concerned, but the fact that we both feel this way, but simultaneously enjoy Selena Gomez, kind of is.  

Which led to the question: is she following the wrong track? Gomez has always been a very confident – and competent – actor, so what is it that makes her pursue mostly-forgettable music instead? You have performances in things like The Big Short on the one hand, and performances like the AMAs on the other, which led Lainey to wonder – is this the equivalent of Michael Jordan giving up basketball for… baseball? Discuss. 

Finally, oft-cited celebrity profile phenom Allison P. Davis has a new book coming out called HORNY. We trace the links from celebrity profiles to an exploration of ‘one of the last great taboos: female horniness’, and uncover that there are lots of breadcrumbs along the way – she’s unpacked BDE, catalogued historical-fiction sex scenes, and fulfilled all your sex dreams by elucidating her date with Noah Centineo, so yeah – she’s been here for years. We discuss why female horniness for its own sake is still not as common as it should be and where we’re finding it in unlikely places. 

Plus the HeadsUp battles continue! Spoiler – we tried a different category, but… got similar results. Let us know what you want us to try next time! 

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