Despite her popularity, and those weirdos at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association love them some Jennifer Lawrence, she was not nominated for a Golden Globe. Helen Mirren came out of nowhere for a nomination though and Michelle Williams was included too, even though THEY’RE STILL SHOOTING THAT MOVIE, OMG, but Jennifer was left off the list. Because I guess the HPFA hated mother!? Maybe they hated the f-cking punctuation. 

And still. Jennifer Lawrence has come up, for one reason or another, on every episode this season of Show Your Work. This week, Duana and I discuss JLaw’s signature stumbles, how they have helped her career, sometimes, and when they don’t help her at all. 

Thank you for your all of your notes and tweets about JK Rowling’s statement last week over the casting of Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts series. 

Amber Heard’s Instagram post was taken as a sub-gram (is that what it’s called? Like Insta’s version of a sub-tweet?) to Jo’s response. 


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On this episode, Duana and I revisit what we said about Jo and Johnny on the very first episode of Show Your Work back in November 2016 and what we’ve learned since then, not just about JK Rowling but about Hollywood and what it is and isn’t capable of. 

What is Gabrielle Union capable of? A LOT. If you haven’t already, read her interview last week in the NY Times. And also watch this:

Gabrielle Union comes up often on Show Your Work. But we wonder…why isn’t she more popular? And if you were managing her career, what would you pitch for her next? 

Finally, what’s next for Stephen Dillane? Who? Exactly. Stephen Dillane played Stannis Baratheon on Game Of Thrones. Currently my favourite person but it’s probably not how he wants to be favourited because, well, to be honest I couldn’t stop laughing at him. Because he was interviewed recently and basically admitted that he didn’t know what the f-ck was going on and he needed Ser Davos to explain it to him. Every time I think about this I crack up. So while Duana attempts a valiant defence of poor Stannis, all I can do is just…crack up.

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