On this episode of Show Your Work, we start with Buffy, because one of the major entertainment headlines over the last week has been about Charisma Carpenter and what she revealed about her experience working with Joss Whedon. For Duana, like a lot of other people, Buffy was a formative experience. Buffy means A LOT to people, the same way Harry Potter means a lot to people. So, even though we all acknowledge at this point, all these years later, that Joss Whedon is a disappointing person, it doesn’t mean that everything associated with Buffy has to suck. In fact, Duana has a feelgood personal Buffy story that she’s sharing with us – it’s about work, it’s about mentorship, effective mentorship, and it’s about how to keep parts of the things you care about even if other parts have to be reconsidered. 


From there, it’s Britney…bitch. (Sorry.) One of the outcomes of the NYT documentary Framing Britney Spears has been a collective reckoning over how we all did her dirty. And while that definitely should be a dominant conversation, it’s also worth talking about the realities of child star beginning, the actual nuts and bolts of how that works in a family and the consequences that might have when fame arrives – and arrives early. On a general level, we all know about the downsides, but how often do we talk about what that looks like day to day? Like with routines, schedules, the practical side of the pursuit? We get into all of that here, jumping off of Duana’s point: that when you’re raising a child star, you become a single parent. Listen to the show to find out what she means. 

And finally…To All The Boys: Always and Forever – the Lara Jean Covey trilogy comes to an end, why Duana’s not invited to the (virtual) viewing party, and we debate whether or not the conclusion actually works. 


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