We are back, and thrilled to bring you this special episode of the podcast LIVE (ish) from L.A., where Lainey was on the Golden Globes red carpet in the dress heard around the web!

The red carpet is a strange beast, and fresh from what Lainey calls one of her best carpets ever, we dig deep into the world of awards show arrivals – what makes a great carpet or a bad one, who’s an all-time favourite interview, and what are the pitfalls that can befall rookie interviewers and veterans alike?

We discuss why Tiffany Haddish really is as great as she seems, why Kerry Washington might have a bone to pick with Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Aniston, and my most pressing red carpet question of all, even atfer all these years – what happens when you have to pee?! Especially in clothing that was never meant to go anywhere as unglamorous as a public bathroom?

Then, the dresses come off, and as Lainey shifts back into ‘writer mode’, we bring you inside our  ‘writers room’ (in this case, our alternately freezing and boiling hotel room at the Beverly Hilton) as we dig into a candy-and-beef-jerky fuelled debate about our Golden Globes coverage on the site on Monday.  We discuss the moments we loved and hated, the dresses that made an impact or the ones we wish had hit harder, the people who are must-covers and the ones who didn’t make the cut – all while the clock is ticking: 

The conversation you hear takes place around 9 PM PST, and the coverage was live on the site by the wee hours of the next morning, all taking place in and around a still pumping Golden Globes party we could hear crystal-clear from our balcony, Lainey’s radio interviews and live TV hits, and the no-sleep delirium that makes the conversations and the coverage both hilarious and, we hope, no-holds-barred. 

Though it sounds a little different because we’re not in our studio, we’re pretty happy with this live-and-mostly-uncut version of Show Your Work, and can’t wait to see what you think!

Thanks so much for listening, for subscribing wherever you get your podcasts – and an especial thank you for all of your comments and notes on Instagram, Twitter, and email about our content this weekend and earlier this week! We’ll be back next week to talk about the Oscar Nominations… stay tuned!