Vulture’s Oral History of Madonna’s Truth or Dare was the best thing on the internet last week, in my opinion. And Duana’s. And I’m pretty sure we’re not alone. Those of us who were around at the time devoured that piece and maybe watched Truth or Dare on the weekend. 


So on this episode of Show Your Work, Duana and I discuss what we learned from the oral history and the work insights that came out of both the oral history and the documentary itself. Truth or Dare was released 30 years ago this week and the reason it is timeless, the reason it is arguably the best tour documentary of its time and even of this time, especially when you consider that it is the literal godfather for how popstars produce docs these days, is because of the work. The reason that Madonna is an icon, despite how you might feel about her in 2021, is well on display from this piece of pop culture history from 1991. And there are so many great work takeaways. 

How do you pivot from an original story idea when the right story idea comes to you? 

What does it mean to be in control of your own story? 

How can it enhance your story to STEP BACK from the story? 


How do you tell your ego to take a seat … in order to actually fuel your own ego? 

“What point is there of existing off-camera?” How prescient was Warren Beatty? But how much MORE prescient was Madonna? That’s all people do now: they live ON CAMERA. 

We try to unpack all of this and our own geographical shame in this episode. Thanks to all of you for your messages encouraging us to make this our episode!