On this week’s bonus, special episode of Show Your Work, we take you BTS – and I don’t mean the band, but behind the scenes of our Oscar coverage and how Duana and I negotiated and bargained with each other through the process of selecting which celebrities to write about and how we split the assignments, similar to what we did after the Golden Globes last month. This includes an argument about Ray Romano – I was like… seriously? And then she countered with Timothee Chalamet…seriously. THE NERVE, right?! 

Once the actual posts are decided on, we sort out the order, how we want to roll it all out – and that can be a fight too. 

Speaking of fights though, Duana and I are currently in one because, well, while all this was happening, all of this Oscar WORK, I failed to mention this one tiny thing that I was doing after the Oscars…




As you’ll hear from this episode though, there really wasn’t a good time and also I was afraid! That said, um, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Anthony Ramos did make the cut, like through three rounds of negotiations, so I guess I could have mentioned it there? F-CK. Nobody is on my side now. 

But thank you for listening and supporting our work and showing your work and suggesting work and we’ll be back next week with a regular episode. Please subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and leave comments and tweet us and yes, tell me what an asshole I am, I know I deserve it.