We always planned to talk about the 2020 Oscar nominations on this week’s episode, since an Oscar nod obviously has a huge impact on the careers of anyone nominated.  Instead, we wound up talking about how obvious the Academy’s blind spot is: since once again white men vastly dominate the nominations is it time to stop caring what Oscar thinks? That’s what Alma Har’el, director of Honey Boy, recommends: 

But,  short of starting our own Academy, what can we do? On the one hand, there’s the ‘we go high’ method, employed here by Greta Gerwig, who didn’t make Best Director despite Little Women getting nods for performances, actors, and script… you know, things the DIRECTOR controls: 

Or, you know, there’s the Issa Rae method of making your feelings heard, one that Kathleen pointed out was heard around the world: 

Then, in a stage far from Hollywood but no les perform-y, we’re watching the unprecedented moves of the Royal Family as Harry & Meghan’s bombshell continues to change everything we know about the Palace and what they consider proper behavior. 

The Queen’s Statement made us squeal with it’s uncustomary, honesty, and the prospect of Harry & Meghan’s ‘financial independence’ has us getting real about what that would look like – and especially what life might be like for baby Archie if he grows up on this side of the pond, with a much different existence than the ‘son of a prince’ might otherwise expect. 

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Attached: Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan at the Critic's Choice Awards the other night. 

CORRECTION: We say in this episode that Margot Robbie was nominated for Once Upon a Time …in Hollywood. She is in fact nominated for her performance in Bombshell.