What’s your hype song? Duana’s hype song, like on days when you cannot get yourself out the f-cking song, is Kylie Minogue’s Love At First Sight. I went with Spice Girls. And then I actually sang it. So I hope you don’t stop listening when you hear me mangling out the tune. But we missed one. And then we found it later on that night. More on that in a minute.

First… Brie Larson who is playing Jeanette Walls in The Glass Castle adaptation. A trailer was released last week. And…


Brie Larson is an Oscar winner. She’s also Captain Marvel. She’s been anointed by Marvel. But the question is: does she have It? If she has it, why did it take me so long to read her Vanity Fair cover story? Why did Vanity Fair have to sell it to us via Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone?

Also, did you know that when Marvel first offered Brie the deal to be Captain Marvel they “demanded that she discuss the offer with no one”? What happens when the work opportunities are presented to you and you can’t get advice on the work opportunities?

How much advice did Jimmy Fallon get when his work, and his style of work, which for a long time was rated #1, suddenly required damage control? Stephen Colbert has been steadily gaining on The Tonight Show. To stop the bleeding, Jimmy was interview by The New York Times last week and finally addressed at length the Donald Trump hair tousling incident from last year. His friends speak up to support him. Tina Fey, Lorne Michaels, NBC executives, all of them speak on the record in defence of Jimmy and his brand of late night comedy. Duana and I discuss whether or not this is the right move, whether or not Jimmy’s rationale, that he’s a “people pleaser” is effective not only as an explanation for what happened but as a tone for these times.

This is the time of social media. And we have seen so many celebrities take advantage of social media to elevate their profiles, create new jobs, and to save their jobs. Busy Philipps has shared quite candidly on Instagram that she’s made more money recently promoting brands and partnering with brands than she has with acting. Her show, The Sackett Sisters, was not picked up to series. Busy was devastated and she let all her followers know… and that led to the campaign to save the show. I’m not sure that the show can be saved. But what this kind of social media momentum will mean for Busy Philipps is a different story. What does Busy have that others don’t?

And finally… Do We Need To Care about… Robin Wright? Last week, Robin made headlines for revealing that she was initially told that she was getting paid the same as Kevin Spacey on House Of Cards. When she found out that was bullsh-t a few seasons later, she demanded her share. The question here, in this case, is whether or not you negotiate before you show your work, or whether or not you show your work first.

As for that hype song I mentioned at the beginning of this post…

Duana and I record the post on Friday nights. This Friday night, after we wrapped, we went to Dan Levy’s dance party. You know Dan Levy for all of his obvious gifts – he’s the Schitt’s Creek showrunner, he’s hot and sexy and cute and funny – but what you might not know is that Dan Levy throws the best dance parties. The reason why Dan’s dance parties are the best is because Dan understands that at a great dance party is actually a SINGALONG.

Keep showing your work!

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