This week’s episode of Show Your Work was brought to you by… you. Many of you emailed and tweeted about the new Fast Company profile of Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, that it’s perfect content for Show Your Work – and you were right. It is work from top to bottom, up and down. Reese’s work is not only creating more opportunities for emerging and often overlooked talent in Hollywood, she’s opening up opportunities in publishing too, and one of the results of her influence is that it’s challenging a status quo value system about whose work gets noticed, whose work gets valued, and who gets to do the valuing. And, as we know, it needs to be challenged. Because did you hear what happened last week with Variety?

They planned an event featuring writers…and well… this is what it looked like: 

So then they had to apologise:

But then this happened: 

And now this is happening: 

And all of that was going on just as Variety published an interview between Issa Rae and Michael B Jordan as part of their “Actors on Actors” series about breaking down diversity barriers in Hollywood. Is that ironic? Duana and I discuss Issa and MBJ’s perspectives on what they get offered and how they have each reframed their approaches to the work they will and won’t take. 

Finally, Tiffany Haddish’s Proust Questionnaire. It’s amazing and hilarious, obviously. But also very specific – about how her happiness relates to her work and who and what she’s working towards. Can you relate? 

Here’s that Harvard bias test I refer to during the podcast. 

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