Seth Rogen looks great in the new issue of GQ. LOVE the styling here. And he’s been showing us his new steeze for a few months now – I wrote about it when he and Charlize Theron were at CinemaCon a couple of months ago. Duana, ever the know-it-all (ha!), was like, yeah, I knew, I told you so, as we began our conversation about the work of Seth Rogen on this week’s episode…AFTER a brief chat about what Drake’s been doing on the sidelines of the Raptors game. 

The thing about Seth’s glowup, though, is that what’s on the outside is just catching up to all that he’s been doing and showing for years but may have gone under the radar. As Duana says, he’s been a “sleeper hit”; he writes, he produces, he directs, he acts, in film and television, and he’s a star-maker. Seth Rogen is, quietly, a mogul. Arguably a more successful one than Marky Mark Wahlberg, who gets a lot more hype. So there’s a lot to unpack in this GQ piece, including his relationship with his creative partner, Evan Goldberg, his relationship with his mentor, Judd Apatow, and even his relationship with his wife, Lauren Miller. Seth Rogen is making some moves. It’s a really interesting place for us right now to study his career. 

Reference cited: Seth on Dax Shepard’s podcast.

Then it’s time to talk about hair. Because Julianna Margulies is now a wig advocate. This is a work conversation about the work of hair – wigs, pieces, extensions, curls, humidity, all of it! Reference articles for this part of the discussion:

Why Does Everyone On TV Have The Same Hair?” 

Wigs on SNL 

Finally, as you probably know if you’re a regular listener, I’m obsessed with writers’ rooms. So Vulture’s article a couple of weeks ago about writers’ room “secret lingo” had to make it on the show. But it’s not just writers’ rooms for television, right? We ALL have workplace terminology, no matter where we work. So this a callout to all of you to share with us the secret languages in your workplaces – we would LOVE to know! 

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