We didn’t set out to make an all-TV episode of Show Your Work – but when we sat down to record the podcast on Friday night, it was Friday afternoon on the West Coast – so all the pilot pickups and passes were being tweeted more or less in real time, so we ran down as many as we could.  

The biggest shocker is that the Gabrielle Union/Jessica Alba remake of Bad Boys, called LA’s Finest, was passed over –  but the issue may have been politics, rather than the pilot.  Meanwhile, in possibly the most surprising news, Harry Styles is now an Executive Producer of a comedy –because he was roommates with Damon Wayons Jr?!?? 

Plus with the news that Nina Dobrev's new show Fam was picked up to series, we walk through what a ‘multi-cam’ show means, what a ‘single cam’ show is, and whether those differences mean anything, KWIM? 

Then we dove into the delicious long read that is Emily Nussbaum's profile of Ryan Murphy in the New Yorker. He’s petty. He’s bitter. He’s brilliant. Despite the fact that he has signed a massive $300,000,000 deal with Netflix, Murphy has been kept outside of the inner circles of ‘Peak TV’ even as he was shaping it.  On the cusp of the premiere of his new show Pose,  we discuss whether that’s because Ryan Murphy has always centered his shows around people who aren’t white men – and whether the bitterness that keeps him from being all the way on top is actually the fuel that keeps him going.  Spoiler – there are Kanye comparisons ahead. 

Finally, we discuss our low-key fave Aisha Tyler, who has signed on to host a new talk show tied to AMC's Dietland. Is this the right choice for someone we’ve always thought was just about poised to break out, but who hasn’t really become a household name? Or is the much-maligned ‘lateral move’ actually the best possible position for Tyler to be in? 

Also, I might not know a lot about soap operas… or maybe I do? Feel free to yell at me.

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