On this episode of Show Your Work, Duana and I celebrate the work of E Alex Jung whose celebrity profiles we have discussed multiple times on our podcast and who I have gushed over consistently. Two of EAJ’s profiles have gotten a lot of attention recently: his piece on Michaela Coel and his interview with Thandie Newton, both published at Vulture. Which is why he himself was interviewed for New York Magazine about why he is so good at what he does – in other words how he works. And there is SO much good work here that Duana and I unpack. It all starts with what E Alex Jung cares about, another reminder about workplace culture and why it’s so important that we work with people who care about different things. 


Speaking of who we work with though, we got a great question from a listener about working with your friends. Duana and I are close friends and we work together a lot. We’re not experts on what makes for a successful working friendship but there are definitely learnings that we can share about how we manage. 

Right now we’ve been working together but apart, like many of you. Where Hollywood is concerned, especially since the coronavirus situation is still very, very serious in United States, it means that productions will NOT be resuming any time soon in America. That will soon lead to a content gap – and the opportunity for content created in other territories to be seen in North America. Will western audiences then finally begin to appreciate art from other countries? And a shout-out to New Zealand! Because of their efforts, a LOT of creative work is happening in NZ right now. 

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