If you’re surprised that the Kardashians are the lead story on this week’s episode of Show Your Work, you’re not alone. Duana was expecting a fight when she pitched it to me last week after The Hollywood Reporter featured them in their latest issue, an oral history of how the Kardashian decade came to be. It’s been our policy not to post about the Kardashians on LaineyGossip and we discuss this policy and why it’s in place and will continue to be in place but the work that’s gone into how they’ve built their brand is certainly game for the Show Your Work podcast: Kris Jenner’s now infamous negotiating skills, the way they’ve used social media, how their approach to fame completely disrupted the Hollywood ecosystem and what they have in common with another disruptor, the one who’s in the White House.

As we’ve mentioned many times, now that a celebrity has become the president, gossip and politics are no longer two different conversations. Throughout his career, Drake, like Taylor Swift, has avoided politics. Taylor may be switching course after her court victory last week; we’ll know for sure when the new era of Taylor Swift is upon is as the moon captures and releases the sun. Is Drake moving away from his apolitical approach too? Last week Drake ended his 430 week run on the Billboard charts – it’s the first time in 430 weeks since he hasn’t had a song on the Hot 100. At the same time, a billboard he put up a year ago was making the rounds online again. If this represents an opportunity to start a new streak for Drake, what does that look like? And can he afford, in these times, to be disengaged?

Tina Fey got political last week on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update: Summer Edition. Some people laughed. Others were like… Sit Down, Tina Fey. Here’s The Atlantic’s Megan Garber’s take on The Tina Fey Effect in 2017. Is Tina Fey on time? Or is she too late?

And finally…speaking of decades and weekly chart streaks, Shonda Rhimes has been as dominant, if not more, than the Kardashians and Drake. It was announced last week that Shondaland is moving from ABC to Netflix. We talk about the Shonda Rhimes Effect on television, not just network. And how much more she can do on streaming. We also discuss what this means for the future of network television.

Oh and I have a really embarrassing story to tell you about beer. It’s the penultimate episode of the first season on Show Your Work. Remember, send us your notes and thoughts and stories! We’ll be reading them next week!

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