For our final episode of the year and the decade, we’re diving into the mailbag and many of you have written to us about all the drama that happened behind the scenes on The Affair. Last week, The Hollywood Reporter told the story of why Ruth Wilson left The Affair after pushing back against the “toxic” work environment created by showrunner Sarah Treem and other members of the executive team and the network. A few days later, Sarah Treem addressed those allegations in a piece published in Deadline. Duana and I discuss how it all went south and the many layers of irony happening here, on a show about different perspectives. 

From there we get into more of your questions about Gabrielle Union and Orlando Jones, a suggestion for The Morning Show, Scarlett Johansson, Saturday Night Live, and a debate about Jennifer Lopez. We also give our recommendations on books about work. And we find ourselves admiring the magic of a grocery store that consistently shows its work. Yes, it’s true. The grocery store can be a happy, wonderful place. 

Thanks so much for listening! We’ll keep talking about work next year! As always, please subscribe to us wherever you get your podcasts and leave comments and reviews. As Hamilton said, it’s time to take a break now. But we’ll be back to work in 2020!