At post time, the Academy has still not yet announced a replacement for Kevin Hart as the host of the Oscars. There are rumours that they may decide to go with no host for the Oscars. This is, apparently, not a job that anyone wants. Or is it that no one that they want wants the job? How deep is their list? How creative is their list of possible hosts? Duana and discuss the work of hosting the Oscars and we take the opportunity to sh-t on the people who did sh-t work when they were hosting the Oscars. That would be James Franco, and credit to Duana who was one of the first, if not the very first, to defend Anne Hathaway just three hours after those Oscars ended, because you know much heat she took for that debacle when all she did was try really hard to do her job. After that, we come up with our suggestions. In my opinion, my suggestion is brilliant. 

And then we move on to Megan Fox. She’s promoting a new show on Travel Channel, exploring archeological and historical mysteries, and was interviewed this week by The New York Times. The biggest headline coming out the article is what she had to say about #MeToo which brought up this Mary Sue article from last year that asked whether or not we all had to apologize to Megan Fox. Did we undervalue the work of Megan Fox? Was Megan, as she suggests, ahead of her time? It’s a thorny discussion about whose work and which voices we prioritize and how we’ve all had to confront are biases. For reference, here’s the piece about Mayim Bialik and here’s the “Jackie or Marilyn” scene from Mad Men that comes up during this part of the episode. 


Finally… “Joyful Joyful”… or not? 

With the news that Sister Act is getting rebooted, we go deep into our feelings about Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit and whether or not they can possibly recreate that magic. Which inspired the magic that our friends created for Duana’s wedding. This was played at the reception, to her surprise. We’ve posted this before but for those of you who weren’t reading the site back then, here it is again. You may recognize a few faces from TV. You’ll definitely recognize one face for sure. He’s become even more famous since – and we always saw the potential. I mean he really delivers an outstanding performance. 


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