There was never any doubt that we would discuss the 1.5 million dollar pay disparity between Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg, but in a development that *never* happens, the longer we put off talking about it, the better the story got. 

The USA Today article with all the details is here

Mark Wahlberg’s too-little-too-late statement is here.  

Last but not least, Michelle Williams’ truly masterful statement is here

Then Lainey and I fight back and forth about who gets to read the best lines from this Variety piece on Tyra Banks — the piece itself is probably underappreciated for how well it gets to the heart of Tyra Banks — which is appropriate since Tyra is eternally under appreciated - and she *knows* it. 

We also discussed the constant work questions asked of Jodi Kantor and other journalists who have been deep in the heart of the #metoo movement — and the way their stories are more than a little similar to Tyra’s. 

Finally, I’ve explained that my current motto is “I didn’t see it, I read it” — I’ll explain why it’s a valid way to hack the unending onslaught of stuff we now have to consume - and how you can do it too! 

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