On this episode of Show Your Work, Duana declares her post-pandemic dream. She’s already made the request with all our friends that this is what she wants for her birthday, in August, when hopefully the lockdown restrictions will have been lifted and we can actually go on a joyride with our friends. 


She wants us to be Good Girls:

Let me tell you something about Duana and directions – she always thinks she’s the boss because she believes herself to be a navigator. Duana is never more bossy or know-it-all than when we’re going somewhere, whether we’re in New York or LA and we’re walking around, or we’re in an Uber and she’s questioning the route the driver is taking, there’s a thing that happens to her body where suddenly she’s the captain. So, needless to say, she’s already controlling the playlist and planning the route. If, however, you have suggestions for what songs to play for her birthday Carpool Karaoke, send them along. 

Now about Tracee Ellis Ross – in this new interview with The Guardian, Tracee talks about her new movie, The High Note, and why she’s doing something she’s resisted her entire life. Which gives us an opportunity to discuss how Tracee built her career and the keys to her success, keys that may have once been disadvantages. She has something in common with George Clooney. She also, we discover, has something in common with Julia Roberts and Margot Robbie. 


Tracee has been working now for nearly 30 years. Meanwhile Maitreyi Ramakrishnan has just come on the scene. She’s the star of Never Have I Ever, she was cast after 15,000 people auditioned. She carries the show. And as Duana put it she doesn’t seem like she’s even breaking a sweat. Never Have I Ever is one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now, but instead of being on red carpets and doing interviews in New York and LA and really getting that breakout treatment, Maitreyi, like Tracee, is promoting a passion project from home. Tracee’s a veteran at the PR game but for Maitreyi, she’s missing out on this experience. That said… 

Is it also working to her advantage? 

We discuss the pros and cons of pandemic publicity, and how there may actually be a bonus to be found in this sh-tty situation. 

Thanks as always for listening and for caring about work!