Here are Zendaya and Yara Shahidi this week at the Kids’ Choice Awards this weekend. Their stylists, Law Roach and Jason Bolden, were featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s first ever Stylists Roundtable last week talking about the work of celebrity styling. Duana and I break down the secrets behind their style secrets – which, not surprisingly, sometimes isn’t about the clothes at all and not even about the people wearing the clothes…but rather the entire celebrity ecosystem which is, once again, why a dress isn’t ever JUST a dress. 

Lena Waithe on the cover of Vanity Fair – it just might be THE magazine story of the year. Hyperbole? Maybe It could actually be the most important Vanity Fair cover story of the year – how about that? Everything in this piece is radical, from the photos to the wardrobe to the writing and especially the writer. And perhaps we should have seen this coming 5 months ago in a foxy pair of tights

Did you read the interview that The Hollywood Reporter did last week with 6 casting directors and how they’ve been casting for pilot season in the Time’s Up era? They get pretty specific here about the effect that the movement has had on the industry, what they’re looking for, how the process has changed, how the money has changed, and who’s making the changes. This is Hollywood inside baseball, critical for the advanced gossip. 

Here’s what’s critical for the advanced musical theatre nerd – if you haven’t already, you must watch this NYT video “inside Broadway’s secret laboratory". It’s straight up work pornography, and I’m not even a musical theatre person. For the last few weeks, our ongoing theme has been the “war room” of work and this, holy sh-t, is a WAR BUILDING. There’s another war room you should read about and it’s more connected to Broadway than you would expect: 

The Parkland students have their own war room, did you know that? Vanity Fair profiled it last week. Out of tragedy, these students have built a strategy. Their success is not accidental – they have been driving the conversation because they have WORKED at it. And the way they’ve worked is not unlike how Broadway works and how you might work – collaboratively, creatively, conscientiously. These teenagers have applied best practice workplace philosophies and combined them with their generation’s communication ethos and the results have been groundbreaking. 

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