This is so f-cking cute. Like if you’re these kids, how are you even able to carry on with your performance?! Sigourney Weaver surprised the students of North Bergen High in New Jersey who put together a stage production of Alien for their class play. Watch the video, watch their reactions. All of it is delightful. And of everyone freaking out about Paul Rudd’s agelessness – WHAT ABOUT SIGOURNEY!? (Dlisted)

When Showgirls came out, it was a joke. It was mocked. In the years since, Showgirls has been defended. And its defenders argue that it’s underrated, and that there is no “definitive read” of the movie – that it deserved more than how it was received and ridiculed. Here’s how Showgirls became a cult classic. (Jezebel)

Did you see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald? It’s a mess of a movie – and I don’t think it’s going to deserve a revisit on that opinion in 25 years time, like Showgirls. They’re persisting with the franchise though and the release date for Fantastic Beasts 3 has just been revealed. I’m happy for Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law, but also? I cannot remember what actually happened and why I should care. (Just Jared) 
This outfit on Kim Kardashian is HEINOUS. Was it on purpose because of Taylor Swift? Did she try to cockblock Taylor Swift? Was her Instagram post of snake jewels intended for Taylor too? Is anybody invested in that beef anymore? We need fresh beef. Haha. Is it conceited of me to say that “fresh beef” is my new favourite expression and now I want to trademark it? (Cele|bitchy) 

Are “olde-timey” sleeves a thing now? Taylor Swift stepped out in “olde-timey” sleeves last week. And there have been several other instances the last few weeks on the red carpet. I don’t mind the look but I don’t think I’m trying it. Because more often than not, the “olde-timey” sleeve comes with a strapless situation. Hate strapless. It’s just so f-cking high maintenance. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jacek and I recently started rewatching The Office, just for something to do right before we fall asleep. Half the time we can’t remember what we’ve seen – and we had it on every week, every Thursday! We were pretty militant about it. Pretty sure I would fail this quiz.  (Buzzfeed)