The new Viscountess Bridgerton herself, Simone Ashley, is one of four cover models for British Vogue’s December issue. She looks spectacular, and talks about normalizing dark skin and curly hair in film and television, and on red carpets. During her red carpet run for Bridgerton, she looked consistently amazing, so she knows of what she speaks. The other covers include Elizabeth Debicki, Sienna Miller, and Yasmin Finney, a trans actress taking on the role of the companion on the next season of Doctor Who. Edward Enninful is truly doing the MOST for British Vogue. (Go Fug Yourself)


I’m generally not here for gossip-on-gossip crime, but this is interesting. Real Housewife Diana Jenkins is suing the pseudonymous “Enty Lawyer” behind Crazy Days & Nights, the popular blind item gossip site. She has long been the assumed subject of a blind about someone running a sex trafficking ring for “royals and Hollywood elites” and more (CDN is more than a little “Q” these days). Jenkins’ name first got said in the CDN comments section in 2012, and it’s built from there. Now, she’s suing for defamation, and as part of her suit is attempting to unmask “Enty”. (Some people think he’s RDJ, but RDJ is WAY too busy to gossip professionally.) This is going to be super interesting to watch play out, both for how it may change blind reporting going forward, and whether or not we find out who Enty really is.

50 states, 50 abortion stories. Here are fifty essays from women across the US who have gotten abortions—older, younger, scared, devastated, or not really much of anything. These are real stories illustrating the importance of accessible abortion services. It’s healthcare, it’s a human right. (Popsugar)


I’m not going to dunk on King Charles for keeping a beloved teddy bear into his forties, or even for making his valet mend the bear. It’s okay to be attached to things from your childhood, and to want to preserve them. It’s just a rich person quirk that he had a servant he could task with doing the mending. I WILL, however, dunk on King Charles for making that same valet PUT TOOTHPASTE ON HIS MONOGRAMMED TOOTHBRUSH. I went to summer camp with rich kids, and THAT was the kind of sh-t that would get you pushed into the lake when no one was looking. (Celebitchy)

David S. Pumpkins is one of the most divisive SNL characters ever. People either love him or HATE him, no middle ground. As a lover of absurdist humor, I adore that first Pumpkins sketch, it’s just so thinly premised yet everyone commits 100%. The more he shows up, the weirder it gets, until it’s so surreal it becomes frightening. But I know a lot of people cannot stand Pumpkins and hate that SNL brought him into their lives every October for the rest of ever. Here is an oral history on David S. Pumpkins, love him or hate him. (Vulture)