So many people experienced their inaugural Met Galas last night – Channing Tatum, Ben Affleck, Simu Liu…  


Simu was a guest of Vogue proper and Instagram. He wore Fendi. As you can see, his white suit jacket is western inspired, with the black lined lapels and especially the trim on his shirt. But that’s not the only way he fit the theme. Simu is a certified blockbuster superhero, as Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings continues to dominate the global box office:  

What’s more American than a superhero?  

Simu, however, didn’t have as much responsibility as Timothée Chalamet to do justice to the theme. Timmy was one of this year’s co-chairs and has established himself over the last few years as a red carpet superstar. So everyone was waiting for his outfit on this night. And he did not disappoint.  


A Haider Ackermann tuxedo jacket over a Rick Owens turtleneck. And then… sweatpants over Chucks. Come on! This is excellent. This is In America, mixing high and low fashion, runway and streetwear, glamour and casual. Up top he’s a socialite. Down low he’s a skateboarder. All of that is the American ideal, to be true to your roots no matter how far up the mountain you climb. Obviously it doesn’t actually end up like that in practice a lot of the time, but these are the values that America clings to, embodied in a an outfit that features Cartier brooches affixed to a pair of joggers. That is part of the American ideal, isn’t it?  

It wasn’t just in what Timmy was wearing either. He threw down a whole ass performance for the Met Gala theme, walking to the Met and documenting the entire journey. This is so meta it’s almost annoying. And yet it’s not because he’s trying. He cares enough to try – and earnestly. That effort, combined with his eye for style, is why he comes through, every single time.