Dear Gossips, 

There’s an added layer of pain-in-the-assness when celebrities f-ck up and that’s because writing about their f-ckups requires more work and thought put into an essay when you could be using that energy for something else. Like a book idea or your next pitch. Today I don’t want to give that to Bryan Adams. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, and even though his tweet has been deleted, it really shouldn’t be hard to find and the Instagram post is still up as of this writing anyway. 


May is Asian, Asian Pacific, and South Asian Heritage Month which Simu Liu has been spotlighting since the beginning of the month on his social media channels. It seems fitting then to take Simu’s lead in addressing this Bryan Adams situation.

Simu’s energy is generous. I know in my heart that I’m probably too petty to be that generous but, sure, in this case I’ll give it a try and besides, it’s more fun to focus on him. 

Simu is in Australia, waiting for production to resume on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Marvel’s first East Asian superhero. And his generosity extends beyond Canadian superstar musicians ranting out their asses. I mean, in the comic book world, you know it’s a peace-first approach when he’s caping for DC too. 


So while Simu has used his platform to big up Asian talent, today this space is for him. He works hard, he’s thoughtful, he’s funny, he takes the responsibility of fame seriously, and also, he’s hot and looks great in green underwear, which I know he wouldn’t mind me saying because as he told us when he was on The Social a couple of years ago, he’s down to be objectified, if it means rejecting once and for all the stereotype that East Asian men aren’t desirable.

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Yours in gossip,