The most fun part of a high-profile celebrity breakup is guessing who the respective celebrities are going to end up with next. For Gigi Hadid, there are already rumours she’s moved on to Lewis Hamilton. Nah, she can do better. Remember when Drake was thirsting after Gigi at the 2016 MMVAs? Do you think he’s going to try to shoot his shot again? 

Gigi stepped out in New York yesterday and VOGUE thinks that Gigi does have some new arm candy – it’s a purse, not a man. Get it? Vogue is fixated on Gigi’s bag which they call her “response to a breakup.” It’s a Valentino. It’s fine but it doesn’t scream post-breakup purchase to me. If it was the result of some retail therapy, I’m not mad at it. Retail therapy is real and effective. I had a bad day yesterday so I bought myself a new navy blue and white striped shirt and I felt better for a full 20 minutes so #worthit. 

The one thing I can’t get over about Gigi’s outfit is her socks (tights?) under ankle booties. I know that socks with sandals are a high-fashion thing now. For the Social’s 1000th episode, I produced a fashion retrospective on our hosts. Part of it involved the hosts reading mean tweets about their outfits. Lainey’s mean tweets were the worst. Our audience notoriously hates Lainey’s outfits. She loves that they hate her outfits. As I was going through Facebook comments to find the best of the worst, the number one most hated outfit Lainey has ever worn included socks with sandals. 


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I love this outfit but Lainey and I have similar man-repelling tastes. Here, the socks with sandals works. On Gigi, the socks paired with the booties and the cut-off jeans look messy. I’m sure it’s too cold in New York right now to go sockless but sometimes you have to sacrifice for fashion. I also barely ever wear socks even in the most impractical weather so maybe I shouldn’t be judging. I’m also not one of the seminal models of my generation so I’ll shut up now. She looks great. Everything about the rest of her outfit is doing it for me. 

I’m going to need a knockoff version of this Maje x Schott varsity jacket, STAT. 

Also attached - Gigi doing a photo shoot in New York yesterday.