HEADS UP PLEASE READ: as mentioned last week, we are doing a relaunch of Sasha’s podcast, premiering in early January. We are looking forward to showing you the new artwork and all up in your business. We can’t wait to get up in your business. So send us your questions, the awkward, sticky, dramatic sh-t you want to resolve. Email [email protected] and check us out in the New Year!

Speaking of podcasts, Duana and I might have to talk about this on Show Your Work. Have we mentioned here how we feel about Sister Act? Specifically Sister Act 2? At Duana’s wedding, a group of our friends actually rehearsed and recorded a video of all of us singing "Oh Happy Day" from Sister Act 2 that was played at the reception. She wept. You love it too, right? Nothing makes you happier than when you’re at home on the weekend and that movie comes on, right? How do you feel about this news that it’s being rebooted. I’m scared to see Duana’s face when I tell her this later. (Dlisted) 

Jezebel’s list of the 30 Thirstiest People of 2018 is hilarious. You know who’s front and centre. Please note that Bradley Cooper is right up there. He’s not #1 but he’s included – even though he’s been trying to keep such a low profile this Oscar season, so as not to appear to be too thirsty…BECAUSE EVERYBODY KNOWS HE’S THIRSTY for that Oscar. The person who does land in the top spot though? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHA. PS. Justin Timberlake is way too low. I’d move him up to #2. (Jezebel) 

Time Magazine will reveal its person of the year tomorrow and here are the 10 finalists. Meghan Markle made the shortlist. As did Ryan Coogler. As he should. It’s crazy to me that Coogler doesn’t seem to be in the running for Best Director Oscar. (Just Jared)   

We need to talk about these sneakers that Ellie Goulding is wearing. They’re everywhere. All the models are wearing them. Like an updated version of the Spice Girls sneakers. I’m trying to decide if my ma and I should be wearing the same shoes. It happens in a cycle. Like back in 2003 when kitten heels had a summer, moms and daughters shared footwear. (Cele|bitchy)  

I have no problems with what Tessa Thompson is wearing here. I love the topknot. I am obsessed with this blouse. Do you know the freedom that comes with this blouse? You can wear any bra you want. You can wear a sports bra, which is my only bra choice ever at all times. The pants are great too – good length and good fit. If you’re going for monochrome, you commit to monochrome, even down to the nails. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Superhero movies aren’t taken seriously in many circles as art. One of the primary goals of art is to inspire empathy. And this year’s superhero and action movies all wrestled with empathy and The Ringer argues that they’re doing more than just blowing sh-t up. (The Ringer)