I read a quote from Rooney Mara today on Celebitchy from her interview with Allure and I thought to myself - you cannot possibly be this annoying already. So I went the Allure article to see for myself and, indeed, she really is that annoying already.

Mara is the US Lisbeth Salander and, by all accounts, her performance is really, really good. I guess that’s why she’s walking around now, fronting like she’s some kind of badass, that Lisbeth brought it out in her, or something...?

My sister and I are so different; she’s friendly and I’m the weirdo. I didn’t flinch when they cut my hair because, god, that’s so f-cking girly and of course I pierced my nipples, why wouldn’t I, there’s just so much darkness in me. I just like wearing boys pants now since I did the movie and, you know, I’m not really the kind of girl who giggles or needs hugs.

Also, the sh-t I had to do to before I became David Fincher’s muse is so beneath me now.

"(Being on Law & Order: SVU was so awful. So stupid. People are obsessed with that show. I don't get it. Me and my boyfriend—although I don't look old enough to have a boyfriend—went and beat up these fat people, and at the end of the show you find out that I used to be obese and I hate fat people. It's ridiculous. Who would ever do that? Who would beat someone up because they're fat? And as retribution, they sodomized her. I mean, I've been sodomized since the beginning of my career. I should have known then it would come full circle."

Yeah David Fincher and you too Christopher Nolan. What the f-ck? Why didn’t you find Rooney Mara sooner to spare her from the indignity of having to be on a stupid tv show. Don’t you know the only place for her is in FILM??? Television is a waste of her talent!  

Matt Damon had to sit around with one line in the background of Mystic Pizza while Julia Roberts flipped her hair, you don’t hear him moaning about the grossness of it, do you? Because that’s what happens when you’re a struggling actor. You take what’s out there and you hope for better...

Rooney recently said that it’s a misconception that she and her sister were rich kids (family ownership of the NY Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers) and that she didn’t use her connections to get where she is and resents the implication that she a spoiled princess with no understanding of hustle.


Because anyone who’d find it hard to believe that fat people get bullied sure sounds like a girl who really understands the real world. F-cking idiot.

Shut up, Rooney Mara. And sit DOWN!

Or do you want more? Click here to scroll through several more of Rooney’s ruminations on herself. For someone who claims to be so “aloof” - yes, she actually calls herself “aloof” (anyone who calls themselves “aloof” is anything but “aloof”) - she certainly loves to fixate on her physical attributes.

Attached - Rooney and her creator David Fincher with Daniel Craig in Sweden at the premiere of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.