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Dear Gossips,

The other day we fought about eating outside, like patio or no patio. I am firmly on the side of no patio, because I don't like windy food and eating when I'm hot. Here's another question about hot though. When it's summer and you're at home, are you an air conditioning person or not? Some people are all like, noooo, open the windows, let in the fresh air, even when it's scorching outside. Um, WHAT FRESH AIR? THERE IS ONLY STEAM???

Obviously I'm an AC person. Love AC. All the time. Crank it up, crank it until it's an icebox. Especially at night in the summer. I can't sleep if it's hot. I can only sleep when I'm tucked under the covers, warmed by the covers. It's what Elvis and I have in common. Elvis loved his AC at home. He needed it freezing at home. Home, of course, being Graceland.

If you been visiting this site a while you know how I feel about Elvis. I have been obsessed with Elvis for over 30 years. For a few years during adolescence, listening to and reading about and thinking about Elvis is all I ever did. At this point I pretty much have a degree in Elvis. But I've never been to Graceland. Until now.

I am at Graceland! My friend Lorella, with whom I share the Elvis devotion, and I got to Memphis last night. We bought the VIP Tour - including the planes! - which is probably a waste of money. But I can tell you right now I'll never regret it. Elvis was a dumbass with his money. It kinda seems fitting.

So that's why the site will be dark today. It's a trip that, literally, I've waited my entire life to make. Elvis requires all of my attention today. He was like that, you know. He was a big baby about everyone having to focus on him. Remember that time he just rolled up to the White House and rang at the gate like, hey Mr President, we need to talk? I need a narc badge. Even though, you know, I'm not exactly clean. Want to pose for a photo?

That day was f-cking bonkers. This is what I'm living today. The bonkers amazingness that was Elvis.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Back on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


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