Ok, so as much as I wish I can take credit for this idea, I can’t.  This salad idea comes from one of my clients who has been kicking ass in a health challenge she created for herself this past June. In the past we have struggled with finding balance and creating a healthy lifestyle that she can be consistent with. I have seen her weight go up and down, and I have watched her rock a month of incredible nutrition or exercise consistently to only then be followed by a month of the complete opposite. 

This time around, I think she may have finally created something for herself that she can stick to. She works out every day. Some days the workout might just be a 15 minute YouTube yoga session, while  other days she kills it in hour long training sessions with yours truly. A few months ago her top running speed was 5.5mph on the treadmill but now she is rocking 7.5mph and she has found an eating plan that doesn’t limit her to boiled chicken and steamed broccoli (gross). She has learned how to indulge when it is the right time while eating healthy and delicious foods the rest of the time.

I asked her the other day to send me her recipe for her jar salad, which has become a staple in her diet.  She preps them days in advance and then keeps them ready to go in her fridge. Not going to lie, sort of jealous that this wasn’t my idea. Give this a try and I guarantee you’ll be hooked, especially during these hot summer months as a nice, cold salad is a perfect treat.

1 cup of chopped veggies on the bottom
Half a cup of quinoa placed on top of the vegetables
¾ of a cup of protein (she uses rotisserie chicken without the skin, but you can use any source of protein you prefer)
Finish it off with 1.5 to 2 cups of chopped lettuce

When you are ready to eat it simply dump it into a bowl and add dressing (you can put the dressing in first at the bottom of the jar if you like so it is all ready to go)

Make 4 or 5 on a Sunday night so you have lunch for the week. They keep fresh in the jars, in your fridge.