I was at a party a few weeks ago and the host of the party was serving her mother’s world famous samosas.  Now having heard about these deep fried pieces of heaven for years, combined with the fact that I arrived to the party starving after a two hour mountain bike ride, I put four onto my plate and then walked towards the kitchen full of excitement.  However, on my way I was stopped by another guest who had to comment.  “Well isn’t that ironic” he says, followed by “look at the personal trainer with four samosas on her plate”. Um, ya dude I am eating four samosas and I plan on enjoying every single bite!

Why am I sharing this?  Because I wanted to remind you that health, wellness and fitness does have to look like the celebrity bodies we see splashed all over the media.  Don’t get me wrong, those celebs are fit, especially when they are training for an up and coming role.  But have you ever read any of their interviews about what went into looking like that?  It takes hours a day in a gym plus an extremely limited diet to have that “perfect” body void of cellulite dimples.  Would we all like to look like that? Absolutely! But frankly, I choose wine, cheese, bread and my mountain bike.

I was reading a BBC article the other day about a new Swedish “It” word that has taken the world by storm.  Lagom, which according to BBC “carries a virtue of moderation and balance” and “allows people to enjoy themselves, but stay healthy and content at the same time”. Hello!! Isn’t this what I have been writing all along?  To find balance in our lives. To be able to challenge ourselves while at the same time indulge. To know when to make the wrong choice at the right time.  I admire those who are strict, who limit themselves to anything that they may consider unhealthy and who never miss a workout, but in my opinion living that way is just as unhealthy as living in constant state of over indulgence.

This brings me back to the party where I was accosted regarding my samosas.  Later that same afternoon I was sitting with another guest who was sharing with me her battles with weight loss.  She kept saying “I am going to start after the long weekend”, or “after I finish this work project”, or “as soon as I have time”, which I then responded with “Why are you waiting? Just start now.  Less sh-t.”  She stopped, and she took a moment to think about what I had said.  Less sh-t.  It’s pretty simple when you look at it that way, isn’t it?  Just limit the sh-t: the work sh-t, the family sh-t, the sugary sh-t.  And then add more goodness: vegetable goodness, exercise goodness, mindful goodness. Lagom. Balance.

There are only a few weeks left of summer.  Only a few more weekend barbecues, sunny patio brunches and lazy days at the beach.  Enjoy them, but not to the point where your fall wardrobe needs to be replaced by a size bigger.  I myself am off to Italy for two weeks of incredible food and wine but in the spirit of Lagom, I am packing my running shoes and plan on doing some of my sightseeing in the form of morning runs and hikes, as well as evening strolls. Will I stress about how much pasta I eat or how few workouts I will have? No.  Because I know when I get back, life will rebalance itself and everything will be ok. Lagom.

While I’m away please fill my inbox with all of your fitness question and goals because I promise to answer them all while sipping prosecco in a piazza somewhere in Italy. Arrivederci.